Hello ~

Welcome creative entrepreneurs! I am devoted to helping you define and express your soul – the essence of your talents, skills and passions of creativity. We are all connected to our God source, and I wish to inspire you to create from that source to serve others. I created this blog to empower you as a soul-based creative, by providing a blend of intuitive guidance and to help you create from your soul.

As a Digital Artist, designer, brand strategist and entrepreneur, I strive to bring out the best in people! We all have different creative passions, and my dream is that you will be inspired to rekindle all of your own passions, talents and gifts. Be blessed by living a life of gratitude and expression of your true self. Namaste.

Some more authentic things about me:

  • I have many degrees and certifications, and I do not work in any of those fields. The creative field feels like home to me. Helping others achieve their greatest desires comes naturally, so I am blending them here. I am a spiritual creative and if you found your way here, so are you!
  • My family is an important part of my life. My husband, Gary, and grandson, Kyle support me in all my endeavors.
  • I grew up in Alabama and have a Southern accent. I appreciate my Southern heritage, and will express Southern sayings in my writing.
  • Native American music speaks to my soul. I have played the Native American flute for many years and enjoy sharing music from my heart. I am part Cherokee and feel it is part of my DNA.
  • I love animals and care for their well-being. I cry when hearing of any animal abuse and donate to several charities supporting the well-being of animals.
  • I enjoy spending time with my long-haired piebald Dachshund, Scooter, my beautiful and smart German Shepherd, Val and my Arabian horse, Magellan. Connecting with their soul is special for me to express my authentic self.
  • I love the Colorado mountains and enjoy beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains where I live. I never take for granted the special beauty of our sunsets.
  • Sports, especially football, is a big part of my life. Even though I am mostly kind, compassionate and peace-loving, I can get excited and upset if my team is not winning.
  • I have been described as versatile, visionary, creative and intelligent. I  have been on a personal journey of discovering my authentic self for a long time. My spiritual journey will continue as there is no final destination.
  • I create something daily, and that takes on many forms of creativity. I will be sharing my creativity with you as I am grateful for the opportunity to express myself.
  • I am an INFP and seem to become more introverted by the day.
  • An avid reader, there are many books that have had a life-changing impact on me. Some of my favorite authors are Gregg Braden, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and Dr. David R. Hawkins.
  • I love learning…some favorite subjects are spirituality, entrepreneurship, social media, art, writing and travel. I usually make a trip to the library each week.  (smile) I have too many books next to my bed, but they help energize my soul. Do you relate?
  • I aspire to be a self-published author, so stay tuned for more to come.

I would love to hear from you!

Please contact me through my social buttons or contact form on this blog, and I continually work on my website at BarbaraALane.com.


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