DNA Art – The Color of Life

I stumbled upon an interesting way to give a unique and personalized gift for Valentine’s Day. Why not have your own art created from your DNA!  As the the world’s original creator of DNA art, DNA11 will create a stunning portrait just for YOU. I am intrigued by this concept that is your unique, real personalized art from your DNA. There are several products such as the DNA Portraits, Fingerprint Portraits or KISS Portraits (all are trademarked).

When you order a DNA Portrait they will send you (or your recipient) a box that includes everything you need to get started… an easy to use cheek swab collection kit, instructions, and color sample swatches. The color sample swatches allow you to personalize your art with almost any color combination imaginable! For maximum flexibility you can also  order gift certificates. The collection kit can be shipped in 7 days, so hurry to have it by February 14th. There is also a coupon code for 25% off right now. Here is their website for more information, DNA11. Enjoy your own unique “Color of Life” and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Art colors Life BarbaraALane


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