Creating an Artistic Diary for your Soul

What is an Artistic Diary? It is your personal and individual art journal. I like to think of an art journal as the expression of your soul. It is all about self-expression! If you do not consider yourself an artist, then use the collage technique and you will not feel intimidated by any sketching and drawing. I use magazine clippings, stamps, and lots of creative commons images that are in the public domain. Your talent lies in how you position the images and writing about your feelings just like the diary you probably kept as a teenager.  Feel free to experiment with different pens, markers, pencils and crayons as this adds a creative flair only you can supply! Enjoy the process of creating and keeping your artist diary for expressing your soul. There are no mistakes when you are creating in your journal, so silence your inner critic and enjoy the creative process. Here is a link to a website that will help you get started.  Aisling’s Artist Journals: How to Create and Keep An Art Journal Have fun with your Artist Diary!

Painting Diary Barbara A Lane


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